In Digital Marketing, online consistency is producing daily optimized content such as creative social media posts, going live, and SEO-friendly articles, at the right times without missing a beat! 

The core of online consistency is to post regularly, but posting poor quality content all the time will only result in poor content reputation and ranking. Here are some ideas that will help you take advantage of the power of online consistency. 

Plan your posts, for the long term: Having a social media calendar with scheduled content two to four weeks in advance is key to increasing brand awareness and consistency. It will not only streamline your efforts but will also help you focus your content direction in a purposeful way. 

Choose quality/ relevance over quantity: It is better to post one high quality, appropriately relevant video a week without fail, then to post low quality content every single day. 

Be patient but analytical: Unless you have the cure for cancer or are the next American Idol, it’s going to take time to build your online brand through content creation, but that does not mean you should post aimlessly. Assess your posts based on performance levels, likes, engagements etc. Chances are that your audience might be giving you pointers on what to improve or cut-out through their feedback or follow up questions.

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