The whole idea of SEO is to improve the chances of your products and services coming up when users “google” it online. However, if you’re not implementing effective SEO techniques, you’ll end up with costly digital marketing campaigns that produce little to no results. For that reason, it’s in every business’s interest to understand the factors that affect SEO rankings and how you can get the best results by implementing these strategies.

In simple terms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the ways in which search engines (google, YouTube, Quora etc.)  are encouraged to recommend particular content (video, blog post, website, article) to  users as the best possible answer to their “search”. And although there’s over two hundred types of criteria to consider, your content will be SEO-friendly once it follows these important SEO rules: 

Relevance: Does your content answer the questions posed by the search query in a meaningful, acceptable way? Is your content able to predict follow up queries and provide a proactive response? 

Credibility: Is the answer accurate or trustworthy? 

Relatable: Can users make sense of or understand your content? Can they engage with it in a meaningful way? 

It also doesn’t happen overnight. Marketing experts agree that Search Engine Optimization is a process and not an event. According to a September 2020 Forbes article titled ‘Why You Need a Long-Term SEO Strategy’ published by Dmitrii Kustov, Internet Marketing Director and Founder of Regex SEO, he states, “Unless you pay with a PPC campaign, making it to the top spot of the search engine results page (SERP) does not happen overnight.”

This mentality is critical for content creators and businesses alike who want to benefit from the opportunities offered by SEO. And much like life, every meaningful process takes time and for SEO to really be your friend, you need to be consistent; this is SEO’s best kept secret. But how does something as ordinary as “consistency” fast-track your ranking? The answers will surprise you! 

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